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One of the most common fallacies is equivocation. When it has to do with concepts derived from cultures with a different language than English, it happens by making an argument in English based on the English meaning of a term translated from another language. One example is to claim moderation is untenable because it would ….  Continue Reading

You Can’t Do That!

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When my daughter mentioned to somebody at her work about my creating a translation of New Testament (NT) texts, his reply was, “You can’t do that!” I’m encountering Christians who think my translating books of the Bible is wrong. “God’s Word is just fine the way it is.” “What about the curse at the end ….  Continue Reading


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When translating the letters of Paul, I had some tough decisions to make. I knew I needed to have consistency, and that meant going through and making sure I did that. One of the hardest decisions was to transliterate the Greek word pneuma (in English pronounced with a silent p). After all, I tend not ….  Continue Reading

Book Cover

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I suppose I could have designed a book cover that was more appealing to the general (book-buying) population. In case you don’t know what it represents, let me tell you. My book is the result of a life-time of studying early Christianity and a year of full-time writing. In order to demonstrate what my theories ….  Continue Reading

What Does it All Mean?

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I could have been quite content to have become an academic researching and teaching about ancient history, religion, and philosophy. As it happened, I didn’t get that opportunity. My first job out of graduate school was to become a part-time pastor of a Quaker meeting in Massachusetts while working full-time as a computer services manager ….  Continue Reading

Comparing Christianity to Stoicism

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Often I see people on Facebook groups about Stoic philosophy ask questions comparing Christianity to Stoicism. Making such a comparison means different things to different people. Non-religious people will balk at such a comparison: Christianity is a religion, and Stoicism is a philosophy. Religion, from their perspective, involves worship of a deity, mythical language, belief ….  Continue Reading

Why APeX?

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The first title, or rather subtitle, for my book was Reconnecting with Ancient Philosophical Christianity. I contend that the assemblies Paul formed in the homes of adherents in Roman cities was closest in comparison to a philosophical school. In my book, Rewriting Paul, I develop the argument that Paul was not as focused on an ….  Continue Reading