Why APeX?

The first title, or rather subtitle, for my book was Reconnecting with Ancient Philosophical Christianity. I contend that the assemblies Paul formed in the homes of adherents in Roman cities was closest in comparison to a philosophical school. In my book, Rewriting Paul, I develop the argument that Paul was not as focused on an imminent apocalypse as most scholars think but on the progress his adherents would achieve by daily philosophical practice. Although Paul doesn’t expressly use the term eudaimonia (happiness, flourishing life), I try to show how that is the ultimate goal Paul has for these gentile followers of Jesus.

I have taken the abbreviation for Ancient Philosophical Christianity with an X representing the Greek letter chi for Christ/Christianity. By adding the lower case “e,” we get the word “apex,” which represents the highest achievement, full maturity, as a human: the divine life. APeX Life is a life of empowerment by real change in the human person rather than a passive, mystical expectation of a deity transforming the human as if by magic. The reason it takes time to make progress in human development is that the effect on the brain because of neuroplasticity takes time.

I can only dream at this point that I can find others who find this approach interesting and even exciting. Let me know what you think.

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