Podcast intro music: “Stronger”

Recently I’ve been trying to find music to listen to while I work. I found some playlists on iTunes for “coders”: music that has a beat that motivates writing programming code. I came across the music of a guy that calls himself TheFatRat. While listening to some tracks, I heard one called “Stronger” (with Slaydit & Anjulie). Right away I thought that would make a good intro. So I subscribed to Monstercat and downloaded it.

I only use the first two lines: “Getting stronger every day / Keep on pushing through the pain.” To me this represents the APeX Life. As I read the letters of Paul, he told his readers to keep getting stronger. When you do that you are able to endure the pain and misfortune that everyone encounters in life. Paul’s language and philosophical program parallel what we find in Stoics like Epictetus and Seneca. My translation avoids the religious and theological language people have become accustomed to when they read their English Bibles. I don’t say they are bad translations, but they are too generic to do anything other than substantiate whatever interpretation the reader already has. In some cases, this has permitted people to base bigotry and hatred on their reading of the Bible. For some Paul was the worst thing to happen to Christianity. I hope I have in some small way exonerated Paul in my translation and explanatory chapters.

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