Tim Seid is an independent scholar and author. Tim grew up as a "preacher's kid" and as a teen began to spend time in Dad's study reading his books. A love of studying the Bible and ancient history and languages spurred him on to college, an M.A. from an evangelical Christian graduate school, and finally a Ph.D. from the Religious Studies program of Brown University. Along with him on this journey was his spouse and their five daughters.

Tim served as a part-time pastor at two churches and worked in higher education as an administrator of a distance learning program for seventeen years. During that time he also had an appointment as Assistant Professor New Testament Studies and taught several classes a year.

Tim's primary area of research is the apostle Paul. This is informed by two main approaches to Paul. One is the Radical New Perspective on Paul. The other is interpreting Paul within the context of Greco-Roman philosophy.
Tim thinks that there could be a new reformation of Christianity by putting into practice the way in which he has interpreted Paul in his book "Rewriting Paul." Tim is semi-retired and caring for his spouse who has Multiple Sclerosis.

In addition to his non-fiction, academic books, Tim is working on a novel, "Dreamcatcher," about a man who creates an app to record dreams for the purpose of discovering the nature of dreams and dream-sharing.